Christmas Craft (DIY Outdoor Holiday Sign)

Hi all!  Today we kick off our Christmas Cheer Link Party over at Hi Sugarplum where you can show off your Christmas craft!

I got the idea for my craft a few weeks ago at our annual Nutcracker Market when I saw an adorable 

outdoor holiday sign for about $40.  I thought I'd try my hand at recreating it at home, and it only cost me about $5.00.   


If only my lettering were cuter:(  I think that was part of the charm of the Nutcracker sign, so I may try repainting and rewriting mine since I'm not crazy about how that part turned out.  In my defense, I used my chalk ink markers to write with, and they were a little difficult to use on the wooden surface.  I may try regular markers next time and write in cursive.  

To make the sign, I used PVC pipe, red duct tape, a piece of wood and red, white, and green spray paint.  I topped it off with a red glittery bow and ornament.

I spray painted the PVC pipe white and folded the red duct tape in half so I could make narrow stripes and get the placement where I wanted it without it sticking while wrapping.  The result is a candy-cane looking pole. 

After cutting the wood into three pieces, I primed each and then spray painted in red, white, and green. 

I determined where I wanted the boards placed and got my husband to drill the holes for me. 

Here's the sign all assembled.  It's meant to go in the front yard, but it got late before I was finished, so it's on the front porch for now.  

Of course, you could put whatever festive message you'd like on your sign, "Merry Christmas" and your family name or the year or "Naughty or Nice?"  So fun!

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See you over at Hi Sugarplum!


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